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Research Centre

Our research informs wildlife management within Phillip Island Nature Parks and helps us understand and respond to threats to Phillip Island’s wildlife.

Phillip Island Nature Parks’ research team is an authority on little penguins, seals and other seabirds. Our research program is diverse in scope, covering both terrestrial and marine domains. Its functions include producing evidence-based information to guide the development of policy and wildlife management programs specific for Phillip Island, and with application regionally and internationally. We also work closely with universities and other research organisations and supervise numerous Honours, Masters, PhD students and Post Docs each year.

Meet our research team or discover more about the research we conduct on penguins, seals and coastal birds including the rare hooded plover. Visit our publications page to view a list of our research papers. 

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How your visit to our ecotourism attractions helps our research:

Phillip Island Nature Parks is a not-for-profit organisation. Your visit directly contributes to the research of wildlife and ecosystems within Phillip Island Nature Parks.
One penguin satellite tracker = $2000
One microchip = $10