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Have you found a beach-washed bird on Phillip Island (Millowl)? Help our researchers by reporting it.

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Our Coastal Bird Research teams track and monitor the health of a wide variety of bird species across Phillip Island, with a priority focus on the incredibly vulnerable Hooded Plovers.

Hooded Plovers
Phillip Island is home to approximately 40 hooded plovers. Less than 600 of the birds are thought to live in Victoria and they are internationally recognised as a threatened species.

Hooded Plovers breed on some of Phillip Island’s most popular beaches. The birds are easily disturbed and many eggs are lost to dogs, cats or accidentally trampled by beach users.

We have been monitoring the Phillip Island Hooded Plover population since the 1980s through nest records and banding the legs of chicks. The population is slowly increasing thanks to research, conservation and the assistance of the local community.


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