Phillip Island Nature Parks aspires to maintain a world-leading research program on Little Penguins, coastal birds, seals and the terrestrial ecosystem of Phillip Island. Our research program is advised by two committees on scientific and ethics issues.

Scientific Research Advisory Committee

The Scientific Research Advisory Committee has outstanding external scientists who advise the Research Department and the Phillip Island Nature Parks Board on scientific issues and research directions.  

Dr Robin (Raz) Lawson (Department of Primary Industries, retired)

Dr Ian Beveridge (University of Melbourne)

Peter Menkhorst (Department of Sustainability and Environment, retired)

Peter Vesk (University of Melbourne)

Danielle Auldist (Phillip Island Nature Parks Board) 

Dr Kath Handasyde – (University of Melbourne, retired)

A/Prof Geoffrey Wescott – Phillip Island Nature Parks Board

Dr Kate Watermeyer – Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA)

Associate Professor, Ruth Reef (Monash University)

Dr Maria Schreider – Phillip Island Nature Parks Research Manager

Peter Menkhorst – (Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental Research)

Animal Ethics committee

An Animal Ethics Committee is responsible for overseeing the adequacy and ethicality of research procedures in the best long-term interests of Phillip Island’s fauna. The committee is independently chaired.

Click here to view the Animal Ethics Committee Terms of Reference