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Permits and Licences

Phillip Island’s beaches and reserves are home to an amazing diversity of wildlife and natural and cultural sites, and provide a variety of recreational and educational opportunities. 

Permits and licences help regulate human impact on the natural environment and ensure that visitors to Phillip Island Nature Parks have equal opportunity to enjoy Phillip Island’s parks, reserves and beaches in the safest possible environment. Below are just some of the examples of different permits/licences:

  • Commercial Tour Operator & Activity Provider Licences
  • Permits for recreational, sporting and social events and activities (non-commercial)
  • Permits to fly Drones in/on Crownland

Any person or business who conducts an organised tour or recreational business for profit on Public Land is required to hold a licence.

Groups and associations that do not receive financial payment for their activities and services, including not-for-profit and charitable organisations, should refer to the Permit section.  


Commercial Tour Operator & Activity Provider Licences

In 2011 the Victorian State Government introduced regulations to control the way commercial activities on Public Land are managed. 

Licences are required by law for any company, business, institution, group or individual conducting commercial activities, tour programs or lessons on Public Land on Phillip Island. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Surf schools / water safety classes
  • Canoeing and kayaking
  • Bush and coastal walks
  • Bird watching
  • Outdoor education
  • Bicycle tours
  • Exercise classes
  • Heritage walks
  • Diving/snorkelling
  • Corporate team building activities

Contact us to enquire about a Commercial Tour Operator & Activity Provider Licence or download the Tour Operator and Activity Provider Licence Application.


Phillip Island Nature Parks must obtain approval from the Minister for Environment and Climate Change to grant a Licence under the Crown Land (Reserves) Act 1978.

Please note: It is an offence for Commercial Tour Operators or Activity Providers operating commercially on Crown Land without a Licence.  Penalties apply.

For more information, visit the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action website.

Permits for recreational, sporting and social events and activities (non-commercial)

Phillip Island Nature Parks’ public land use permit system enables better management of non-commercial activities and events occurring on beaches, coastal and woodland areas within the Nature Parks. The permit system helps protect environmental, cultural and social values, while ensuring events or activities are directed to the most suitable places.

Permits are required for any non-commercial group, organisation, or individual conducting events, functions, programs, lessons or activities on Public Land managed by Phillip Island Nature Parks. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Surfing or water safety lessons
  • Surfing competitions
  • Surfing club events
  • Weddings or similar ceremonies and celebrations
  • Organised entertainment
  • Group functions or activities
  • Photography
  • Recreation or sporting competitions or events
  • Training or outdoor education activities
  • Activities or events held by clubs.

It is an offence under the Crown Land Reserves (Phillip Island Nature Park) Regulations 2010, to conduct group activities or events without a permit. 


Permits to Fly Drones in/on Crownland

The Phillip Island Nature Parks has regulations that govern the use of RPAs/ Drones. These regulations build on Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) guidelines to allow for the safety of all visitors, environment and wildlife. 

Our regulations consider RPAs/Drones to be aircraft and vary depending on who is piloting or operating the RPAs.

Recreational use of drones by the general public is prohibited on Phillip Island Nature Parks managed land. The use of Drones is not permitted under our regulations and visitors should refrain from flying them or it could result in a penalty infringement notice (PIN).

Due to high concentration of wildlife personal use of PRAs is not permitted. Anyone wishing to fly a drone for commercial reasons is required to apply for a permit under the Crown Land Reserves (Phillip Island Nature Park) Regulations 2021

Commercial filming with Drones on Nature Parks managed land requires a filming permit as well as a drone permit.

The application form for a drone permit is below.

Drone Permit Form

For more information please visit - Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA)


Contact us to enquire about permits.

Please send completed application forms to:
Environment Department
PO Box 97
Cowes, Victoria 3922
or via email to: