Penguins arrive at sunset every evening

We suggest you arrive at least one hour before penguin arrival time to explore the visitor centre displays, enjoy a meal in the Shearwater Restaurant, or grab a snack at the Little Penguin café. Access doors to the viewing areas will open approximately 1 hour prior to estimated penguin arrival time.

- General Viewing ticket holders should plan to arrive at least 1 hour before penguin arrival time.

- Penguins Plus ticket holders should plan to arrive at least 1 hour before penguin arrival time.

- Underground ticket holders should plan to arrive 30 minutes before penguin arrival time.

- Ranger-guided tours each have a specific departure time, so please check your tickets.

pdf1  Download our penguin arrival time calendar for estimated penguin arrival times though the year.

Peak Holiday Periods
If you are planning a visit from mid-December to late January, or during a Long Weekend or School Holidays period, please allow extra travel time as the traffic can get busy. 
Be sure to pre-book your tickets to avoid missing out!

Taking a ranger guided tour?
Please check tour departure time on your e-ticket and call +61 3 5951 2830  at least 24 hours in advance of your visit to confirm your tour departure time.

Can’t make it for penguin viewing at sunset?
The Penguin Parade Visitor Centre is open from 10am daily (2pm on Christmas Day).  Drop by and explore the displays or book one of our day time education programs.


Penguin Parade food options:

Little Penguin Café

11am  - 5.30pm daily

*Only cabinet food available


Shearwater Restaurant

5.30pm until 1.5 hours after penguin arrival time

*A la carte open entire time

*Hot fried food options available