Accessibility at the Penguin Parade

We are committed to offering an accessible and inclusive experience throughout the Penguin Parade and have a range of facilities for people of all abilities and sensory needs.

Please note the visitor centre opens a couple of hours before sunset when the penguins are due, approx 4pm in winter months, and 6pm in summer months.

Download accessibility guide here

Visitors with Mobility needs:

- Wide pathways for wheelchairs and prams
- Allocated car parking spaces for people with accessibility issues
- Ramp access through the visitor centre and along the boardwalks
- Pram parking at the penguin viewing stands
- A complimentary wheelchair for use inside the visitor centre
- Interpretive displays at wheelchair eye height
- An accessible-height ticketing counter

Complimentary buggy service available for visitors with Mobility needs. Located at beach doors, please ask any of our staff if you or a guest requires this service. 
- Exclusive wheelchair access viewing areas in General Viewing, Penguins Plus and Underground Viewing

Changing Places facility which includes the following:
- a height-adjustable adult-sized change table
- a constant-charging ceiling track hoist system
- a centrally-located peninsula toilet
- circulation spaces as defined in the design specifications
- an automatic door with a clear opening of 950 mm at a minimum (1100 mm for beach and lake locations)
- a privacy screen

Underground Accessibility Section Penguins Plus Accessibility Section
General Viewing Accessibility Section Penguin Parade Accessibility car parking

Visitors with Sensory needs:

- We are a certified sensory-inclusive site for with professionally trained staff
- Sensory bags available, equipped with noise-cancelling headphones, fidget tools and verbal cue cards - these can be checked out for free by leaving an ID with our staff
- Weighted lap pads available - these can be checked out for free by leaving an ID with our staff
- Headphone Zones and Designated Quiet Areas 

Look at the Penguin Parade Social Story to help prepare for your visit

Sensory Inclusive Logo Black 

Sensory Bag Inclusions

Visitors with Assistance animals

Phillip Island Nature Parks welcomes visitors who use assistance animals certified by a registered authority. Assistance animals must remain on designated paths and restrained by a harness or lead.

Companion and Carer cards

companion card

Companion Card holders are entitled to free entry to all Phillip Island Nature Parks attractions. Equivalent overseas cards are also valid.

carer card

Visitors with a Victorian Carers Card are entitled to entry at the Australian Pensioner rate to all Phillip Island Nature Parks attractions.