Phillip Island is a unique place for Australian wildlife and protected nature. And being just 90 minutes from Melbourne makes it an ideal day trip! Here's how to spend a day immersed in activities that will excite and educate travellers of all ages. Bonus - with every visit, you’re supporting us to continue protecting nature for wildlife.

9am: Farmhouse Breakfast at Churchill Island Café

Enjoy our farmhouse breakfast made from local produce - including but certainly not limited to fresh sourdough, free range eggs and homegrown greens. Find a seat on our undercover deck or at the lawn tables overlooking the stunning Western Port. There's plenty of space for the kids to run around on the lawn while you sip your coffee and soak in the scenery. 

Churchill Breakfast

10:30am: Snorkel or visit the shipwreck at Kitty Miller Bay

Drive 20 minutes to the far end of the island, stopping short at the last southern exit before the Penguin Parade, to find the quiet yet picturesque Kitty Miller Bay. The crystal clear water makes it the ideal spot for a snorkel, or if you're feeling adventurous, follow the walking trail to the left around the clifftops to discover the shipwreck around the corner. Check out our beach safety guide and remember to read the signs before heading down.

Kitty Miller Bay

12pm: Learn how you can help protect the Southern Ocean

Follow the road to the end of the Summerland Peninsula to find the Nobbies Centre Antarctic Journey - a joint venture between Phillip Island Nature Parks and WWF-Australia. Take the stairs down to the sound lab to learn about the deep Southern Ocean, its connection to Phillip Island, and what we can do together to protect its inhabitants. Venture into the second room to wind down with footage and sounds straight from Antarctica, projected onto large screens.

Antarctic Journey Lab

1pm: Indulge in feel-good fish & chips

If you enjoyed the sustainable seafood exhibit downstairs, you're going to love the Nobbies Cafe. Take in the exquisite ocean views while choosing from a variety of MSC certified seafood, or opting for a burger, fresh salad, cake or ice cream. With vegetarian options available for those who would rather leave the fish for the penguins; we serve almond, soy, lactose free and oat milk. 

Nobbies Centre Cafe

6pm: Enter the penguin zone

Great for the little ones, the Habitat Zone at the Penguin Parade offers playful learning experiences about penguins from all over the world, their homes, and how to protect them. There are a number of interactive experiences, a reading corner with books for use, and a toy wildlife hospital with a ranger stationed to answer your questions.

Family Fun Penguin Parade

An hour before sunset: Go underground for the penguin viewing

Choose the Penguin Parade's Underground Viewing option for an eye-level view of the Little Penguins as they waddle past the window. Your dedicated ranger will explain why it's important to minimise our impact on the penguins and how you can help protect them and other wildlife by making small changes in your own lives. As you leave the underground and head up to the boardwalks, you might be so lucky as to spot an Eastern barred bandicoot hopping between the penguins. These special marsupials are classified as ‘extinct in the wild’ on the mainland, but the Summerland Peninsula population is thriving following their release in 2018. You can also spot Swamp Wallabies, echidnas, Purple Swamp Hens, Swamp Harriers and Cape Barren Geese. Much more than a Penguin Parade – it’s a whole wildlife extravaganza!

Sustainable Play Underground Viewing

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