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Little penguin

Phillip Island Nature Parks is home to the biggest colony of little penguins in Australia.

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NP KCR 4212816055 KoalaSleeping


Although they’re super cute, there’s much more to koalas than their looks.

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Eastern barred bandicoot

The Eastern barred bandicoot is one of Australia’s most fascinating native animals.

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Australian fur seal

The Australian fur seal is the largest of eight species of fur seal in the world.

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Short-tailed shearwater

Short-tailed shearwaters are one of the few birds that migrate to Australia to breed.

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NP CW KW Hoodies Cape Woolamai credit Kylie Willow

Hooded plover

Learn more about the hooded plover, one of south-eastern Australia's most unique birds!

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Brushtail & ringtail possums

Learn more about two of the most common and well-known native marsupials on Phillip Island: the brushtail and ringtail possum.

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The perils of ferals

We’re working towards removing pest animal species from Phillip Island to ensure the survival of our native species.

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Bush stone-curlew

Found throughout most of Australia, bush stone-curlew is well known for its haunting call, which has been described as a high-pitched wail.

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