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Lights off as shearwater chicks take off after bumper breeding season

Phillip Island Nature Parks has called for extra community support to help protect about 700,000 Short-tailed shearwater chicks preparing to embark on their first migration.

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Crusade to save critically endangered Crimson Berry plant

A team of ecological explorers has embarked on a mission to salvage critically endangered plant specimens from Wilsons Promontory National Park to regenerate the species on Phillip Island.

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New plan to future proof treasured Phillip Island penguin population

Phillip Island’s Little Penguin population will face greater protection against the threat of bushfire and heatwaves in the biggest conservation effort to safeguard the species since the landmark Summerland Peninsula buyback of the 1980s.

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Extra support for injured wildlife during Easter holiday period

Wildlife Victoria will be on Phillip Island (Millowl) over the Easter period from 5 to 12 April.

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Nature Parks Board Update – February 2023

The Phillip Island Nature Parks’ Board met on the 28 February 2023 on Phillip Island.

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International Seal Day

Thousands of fur seals around Phillip Island have just been counted as part of a five yearly census to determine the health of the population.

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Know Your Nature Parks - Autumn

As we head into Autumn the breeding season comes to an end on Millowl (Phillip Island) and it’s time for many of our species to prepare for migration.

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Australian first sailing drone ready to explore penguin feeding grounds

Researchers at Phillip Island Nature Parks will have a clear picture of the underwater world of the Little Penguin, thanks to a new, high-tech, sailing drone on loan from the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), which will help map the penguin foraging grounds for the first time.

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Funding to help improve breeding success of endangered Fairy Tern seabirds

Phillip Island Nature Parks will embark on a $200,000 conservation project to support the recovery of the Critically Endangered Fairy Tern seabird population around Phillip Island.

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