Experience the best of Phillip Island’s thriving nature in this one-day guide — from treetop wildlife walks to bustling wetlands to shipwrecks on secluded beaches. Your visit helps us to restore and protect Phillip Island’s diverse and unique habitats so pack your walking shoes and camera, and let the exploring begin.

9am: Wander world-renowned wetlands at Rhyll Inlet

The north shore of Rhyll Inlet is speckled with significant wetland sites, where wading birds like spoonbills, oystercatchers, herons, egrets and cormorants, come from across the world to feed in the island’s saltmarsh and mudflats. Rhyll Inlet makes an ideal first stop on your day of outdoor adventures. Begin your exploration at the Conservation Hill Information Shelter and follow the green arrows along our elevated boardwalks, through lush mangroves and over tidal flats. On this 1.2km walk explore protected habitats in accordance with the Ramsar International Wetlands Agreement and encounter flourishing wetlands and their inhabitants. If you’re after a longer walk, follow the signs to the seaside village of Rhyll (4km return).


rhyll inlet


10:30am: Brunch like a local

For a unique and tranquil brunch, head over to Moonar’mia (Churchill Island). That’s right – an island off the island. Rich with its own special history, wildlife and heritage working farm, Churchill Island is a nature experience all of its own. At the Churchill Island Café, you can build your own gourmet breakfast using farm-fresh ingredients and produce. Tuck in as you admire the picturesque views of rolling hills and seawater glimmering in the distance.


churchill island time to explore


11:30am: Stroll this island full of stories

For the walking and cycling lovers, Churchill Island has a great choice of trails for you to enjoy. After brunch, explore the area by following the North-Point Loop trail, an enjoyable 2.5km walk around the island. As you reach the northern tip, you’ll be surrounded by spiralling Moonah trees of special significance to the Bunurong People, ancient basalt rock formations up to 50 million years old, and sea birds soaring over the Churchill Island Marine National Park.


Family Fun Churchill Island


1.30pm: Meet the koalas

Next up, a very different habitat. Explore lush eucalyptus forest through treetop boardwalks and woodland trails at our Koala Conservation Reserve. In this abundant and protected wildlife sanctuary, you can spot local and rescued koalas taking it easy among the gum trees, as well as echidnas ambling through bushes and wallabies bouncing past. Enjoy a leisurely hour strolling around, and make good use of your camera. Step inside the visitor centre to learn more about these sleepy koalas and how we’re helping them enjoy peaceful and healthy lives.


koala reserve


4pm: See the Shipwreck at Kitty Miller Bay

Did you know Phillip Island has its own shipwreck? Located on the shore near Kitty Miller Bay, the remnants of the SS Speke once made up a huge three-masted steel ship built in 1891. It crashed in 1906 due to faulty navigation through Kitty Miller Bay’s reef, which resulted in a tragic drowning. Today the bow can be seen anchored by the basalt rocks just on the shore of Kitty Miller beach.


kitty miller shipwreck


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