Picnics and Penguins - One Day Itinerary

Enjoy our single day guide to exploring the wildly unique Phillip Island. As you spend the day supporting local businesses, enjoying fresh regional produce and discovering all that is Phillip Island Nature Parks, your visit supports a more sustainable island (and world) for all.

9am: Coffee and food from the store

If you love your lattes and long blacks, head to the west of Phillip Island for a tasty coffee at The Store in Ventnor. They have locally sourced coffee beans, fresh sourdough, regional cheeses, farm delivered fruit and veg, and sustainably-made, boutique items from around Australia. Make sure to grab extra supplies for a picnic lunch. 


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10am: Discover a shipwreck

Did you know Phillip Island has its own shipwreck? Located on the shore near Kitty Miller Bay, the remnants of the SS Speke once made up a huge three-masted steel ship built in 1891. It crashed in 1906 due to faulty navigation through Kitty Miller Bay’s reef, which resulted in a tragic drowning. Today the bow can be seen anchored by the basalt rocks just on the shore of Kitty Miller beach.

To find the shipwreck, drive south-west from The Store to arrive at the Kitty Miller Bay car park. Head east along the rocky beach for 50m and look for a track leading up the hill. Hike up 800m to find a clifftop view on the bow among the rocks and waves. Low or high tide will determine how much you can explore up close to the debris. Head down to inspect the rusty remains and imagine the journeys it has been on.


11:30am: Picnic on a secluded beach

For a picnic spot off the beaten track, take Pyramid Rock’s clifftop track to the concealed Berry’s Beach. Along your 5km return walk, enjoy viewing platforms with spectacular ocean views and the southern shoreline from the clifftops. Once you reach the beach, head down and find your perfect spot to relax and feast on the Phillip Island goodies you picked up at The Store.



10am: Spectate surfers and wildlife at Shelly Beach

With its quiet atmosphere and peaceful views, Shelly Beach makes for an ideal place to observe surfers and for Little Penguins to waddle through. If you look closely, you may spot their tracks in the sand from the night before. Explore the rock pools and look out for Oyster Catchers and protected Hooded Plovers scouring the shore for lunch. Should the weather allow, it's also a great place for a quick dip before the sun goes down.



Sunset: The ultimate penguin experience

For lovers of nature and adventure, we have a very special Penguin Parade experience. As a small group only experience, our rangers venture out with you to a secluded beach closed to the public after dark. From this quiet viewing spot on the sand, Little Penguins march right past. Make sure to book in advance, as places are very limited.

You’ll be equipped with night vision binoculars to see the penguins even closer, and a headset to listen to your ranger’s in-depth story about how we look after the only remaining Little Penguin colony on Phillip Island, and why they’re so important. You can also help with our nightly penguin count – the binoculars will come in handy for this. Most of all, your support in visiting our penguin parade means we can keep caring for all wildlife in their natural habitat. Thank you!



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