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Study reveals secret life of Wallabies

A recently published study which tracked the movements of 48 wallabies on Phillip Island has revealed which parts of the landscape they prefer to use and how that selection changes between day and night hours.

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World Migratory Bird Day

Phillip Island is a place of national significance for several migratory bird species.

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blog 13

Black summer bushfire koalas return to the wild

Fourteen koalas rescued during last summer's devastating Victorian bushfires have finally returned home.

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blog 11

Leafy home for bushfire affected koalas

Phillip Island Nature Parks is providing much needed sanctuary to aid in the recovery and rehabilitation of four bushfire affected koalas at their Koala Conservation Reserve.


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blog 12

Puppy power in fight against Phillip Island feral cats

Marbee the border terrier pup might look cute, but this little dog is the secret weapon in the fight to protect wildlife against feral cats on Phillip Island.

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blog 09

Island Koala Joey first in the wild since 2007

Phillip Island Nature Parks rangers at the Koala Conservation Reserve were recently delighted by a visit from a wild mother koala and her male joey just in time for Wild Koala Day on 3 May.

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blog 15

Uncovering the secrets of Australia’s fur seals – from above and below

Researchers at Phillip Island Nature Parks are beginning to unlock some of the secrets of the world’s largest colony of fur seals off Phillip Island through the use of both aerial and underwater technology.


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blog 17

Taking the temperature of the oceans this National Science Week

Next time you pop out for a pizza, or get one home-delivered, spare a thought for Phillip Island’s Little Penguins, whose diet also includes the anchovies you may have on your dinner. The impacts of climate change means that the penguins may have to travel further to find their meal.


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blog 24

Short-Tailed Shearwaters Return On Time After Last Year’s Bumper Breeding Season

Almost 1.5 million Short-tailed shearwaters have begun arriving at Phillip Island for their annual breeding season, after a 16,000-kilometre journey, as new analysis sheds light on the possible impact of climate change on the migratory birds.

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blog 5

Baby joy at Koala Conservation Reserve

Roger the bushfire survivor and Ottie the orphaned koala have become parents, with Phillip Island Nature Parks’ rangers officially welcoming a little girl into the family.


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blog 36

Know Your Nature Parks

Summer is a wonderful time on Millowl (Phillip Island), with wildlife in breeding mode and migratory birds feeding and breeding on our shores.

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blog 37

Living with Wildlife - Summer

Summer is here, and we are excited to welcome everyone back to our beautiful island home.

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