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Posted on 17/08/2020 by Phillip Island Nature Parks

We're launching another 2 weeks of Seal Spotting fun! New images from Phillip Island’s Seal Rocks have been loaded into the SealSpotter portal, ready for eager citizen scientists to log on and start counting.

This mini-challenge is held in conjunction with National Science Week – kicking off on Monday 17th August and running until Monday 31st August.

While the Annual SealSpotter Challenge gives us vital information about the breeding season, the results from this two-week block will allow us to learn more about the peak of pupping, and ensure we are performing drone surveys at the best time of year. So when it comes time for the next Annual Challenge, we'll have even more accurate results.

If you are a seal lover with a bit of time up your sleeve and want to give our scientists a helping hand, head to our Seal Spotter portal here and get started!

Warning: we can't guarantee you won't get addicted to spotting seals - we've had multiple users count over 1000+ images...


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