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Posted on 06/10/2019 by Phillip Island Nature Parks

Make a Difference by Volunteering with the Nature Parks 

Volunteers have been actively making a difference to our community, our environment, and our wildlife for many years, and now there is a whole new set of opportunities to make a difference to the island’s visitors as well.

Phillip Island Nature Parks is currently recruiting for Visitor Experience volunteers who would be based at Churchill Island, the Koala Reserve and the Nobbies boardwalks, with the aim of enhancing the experience of visitors from across Australia and around the world.

“We hear from our volunteers quite regularly that one of the things they enjoy most about these visitor experience roles, is the ability to meet people from all walks of life, and share our stories with them,” said Rachael Ferguson, Volunteer Program Coordinator with Phillip Island Nature Parks. “So often it is these personal interactions that can not only make someone’s visit truly memorable, but they can also inspire people to take action or make a change to help protect the natural world.”

“We’re inviting prospective volunteers to join us for a fun and informative bus tour of the Nobbies, Churchill Island and Koala Reserve on Thursday 17 October from 10am to 12pm to learn a little more about these roles. For those who’d like to stay on, we’ll be offering an afternoon session from 1pm to 4pm to provide some great training and insight into becoming a Visitor Experience volunteer.”

Volunteers will be assisting in providing visitors with important information about local wildlife such as koalas, seals, bandicoots and penguins, as well as the environment we live in and the research and conservation work carried out by the Nature Parks.

All volunteer roles available during this current recruitment will involve engaging with visitors, but each location will have its own unique flavour or range of tasks. At Churchill Island, volunteers will wear period costume and demonstrate daily activities such as wool spinning. Koala Reserve volunteers will be dressed in uniform and help with providing browse (feed) for the koalas, and Nobbies volunteers will be armed with a telescope or binoculars to show visitors a glimpse of Australia’s largest fur seal colony out at Seal Rocks.

The benefits of volunteering are well known: it leads to a healthy lifestyle, helps build communities, develops personal skills and experience and it can create real change, so what are you waiting for? Contact for more information or to join this fun opportunity.


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