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Posted on 22/09/2020 by Phillip Island Nature Parks

Little Penguins vs. Mother Cape Barren Goose 

Friday night's Live Penguin TV episode had the audience on the tip of their chairs wondering what was going to happen next! A wildlife stand-off between a Cape Barren Goose mother and her two fluffy goslings, and a train of Little Penguins took focus for the entire 30 minutes of streaming, finally concluding in the last few minutes of the livestream.

Livestream viewers were eager to find out if the Cape Barren Goose mother was ever going to move off the pathway and let the trail of Little Penguins (which was increasing by the minute) through, or if she was adamant about staying put in the protection of her two fluffy goslings! 

For those who missed Friday night's stream, we've cropped the highlights section below, and you can watch the full episode back on our Facebook page.