Spring has Sprung on Phillip Island

Posted on 05/09/2019 by Phillip Island Nature Parks

As the days get longer and there is a hint of warmth in the air, our thoughts turn to spring and another season full of promise for our wonderful wildlife and not-so-wild life!

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Nature Parks opens its doors for Accessibility Weekend

Posted on 05/09/2019 by Phillip Island Nature Parks

Phillip Island Nature Parks is opening its doors for free to wheelchair users on September 7th and 8th as part of Accessibility Weekend, which celebrates the significance of accessible venues and tourist attractions Victoria-wide and highlights the importance of access and inclusion for people living with a physical disability.

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Study reveals secret life of Wallabies

Posted on 04/09/2019 by Phillip Island Nature Parks

A recently published study which tracked the movements of 48 wallabies on Phillip Island has revealed which parts of the landscape they prefer to use and how that selection changes between day and night hours.

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Tribute paid to our Island and the World’s Rangers

Posted on 13/08/2019 by Phillip Island Nature Parks

World Ranger Day on 31 July was a national and international event at Phillip Island Nature Parks with 3 celebrations and activities to commemorate and support Rangers around the world, including a visit from a group of Martu Rangers from Western Australia. Festivities began with a morning tea to raise awareness of the issues that Rangers around the world are facing.

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New environmental star on the horizon

Posted on 12/07/2019 by Phillip Island Nature Parks


At the entrance to Phillip Island’s Summerland Peninsula, where three distinct landscapes meet, the new Penguin Parade visitor centre has emerged out of what was once a car park.

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Community Embraces NAIDOC Week Celebrations

Posted on 12/07/2019 by Westernport Water, Bass Coast Shire Council and Phillip Island Nature Parks

Over 100 people attended the NAIDOC Week Celebration at the Cowes Cultural Centre based around this year’s theme of Voice. Treaty. Truth. Let’s work together for a shared future.

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Respect for Cultural Land Management

Posted on 08/07/2019 by Phillip Island Nature Parks

RAP Launch May 29 2019 PH 29 of 33

Phillip Island Nature Parks’ Conservation Team is working on a new project to integrate Traditional Practices into the land it is privileged to manage.

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People power creates homes for penguins

Posted on 04/07/2019 by Phillip Island Nature Parks

People Power

People power creates homes for penguins With the opening of the Nature Parks’ exciting new Penguin Parade visitor centre now only three weeks away, people power is transforming the surrounding landscape with a mighty revegetation project to create 6.7 hectares of extra habitat and new homes for over 1,400 Little penguins.

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Koala joey joy

Posted on 01/07/2019 by Phillip Island Nature Parks

Koala Reserve June 19

Phillip Island Nature Parks is delighted to announce the addition of a baby koala (joey) at the Koala Reserve, the first to be born at the Reserve since 2014.

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Posted on 01/07/2019 by Nature Paks on behalf of Bass Coast South Gippsland Reconciliation Group

FINAL Naidoc Week events

Bass Coast Reconciliation Network is proud to support NAIDOC Week and walk in truth through an exciting event program that features the talents and achievements of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community.

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