Posted on 21/04/2016 by Phillip Island Nature Parks

The annual short-tailed shearwater migration is here, and we can all do our bit to make sure these amazing birds have the best chance of survival. 

If you’re coming down to Phillip Island over the next couple of weeks, please:

  • Take extra care on the roads at night as cars are the biggest killers of shearwaters
  • Shearwaters are often found sitting on the road at night as many of them are trying to fly for the first time, and they are attracted to the lights
  • Please slow down on the road, observe changed traffic conditions, and keep an eye out for rescuers on the roads 

Please share this with your family, friends and anyone you know who may be paying the island a visit. 

Releasing Shearwater cropped jpg Rescuing Shearwater from Road cropped