Posted on 16/07/2014 by Phillip Island Nature Parks

UPDATE 18 July 2014: We may have found an owner of the ring! We’ve had a few people come forward thinking they may know the ring’s origins, but the best lead we have so far is that the ring may have initially been lost in Zimbabwe by the original owners and was subsequently found by a neighbour in the 1990s. Brian and Barbara could not be tracked down and it’s possible they had long since emigrated to the UK or South Africa. The ring was later passed on to someone from Australia and then lost here. We’re trying to verify all details and still searching for Brian and Barbara! For anyone who missed orginal story: a ring was found in front of penguin burrow this week. Inscription: "Brian and Barbara Forever" and a date from 1965  #brianandbarbaraforever

15 July 2014:
Are you Brian or Barbara? Have you lost a ring?! Turns out a cheeky penguin may have had it all this time...

One of our penguin researchers found this ring in the field this morning out the front of a penguin burrow. Inscription on inside: "Brian & Barbara Forever" and a date from 1965" Awww... that's nearly 50 years. Brian, Barbara - if you're out there, we're keen to find you and return your ring... contact us at or call 5951 2825.
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