Protecting St Kilda's Little Penguin colony

Posted on 06/04/2016 by Phillip Island Nature Parks

The protection of St Kilda’s little penguin colony was at the heart of a $250,000 funding package announced on Sunday by the Hon Lisa Neville, Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water.

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Shearwater rescue preparation begins

Posted on 04/04/2016 by Phillip Island Nature Parks

The annual short-tailed shearwater migration is anticipated to begin in mid-April, and Phillip Island Nature Parks is seeking community support to ensure the safe passage of the birds.

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Nature Parks welcomes visiting Rangers

Posted on 23/03/2016 by Phillip Island Nature Parks

Land management, tourism operations, cultural heritage, and reconciliation were all central themes during last week’s three day visit to Phillip Island by a group of Gunaikurnai and Parks Victoria rangers from East Gippsland.

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Six Months on an Island Ark

Posted on 15/03/2016 by Phillip Island Nature Parks

In only six months, endangered Eastern Barred Bandicoots have successfully established themselves on Churchill Island in Phillip Island Nature Parks, marking a positive start to an ambitious trial release designed to save the species from extinction in Victoria.

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Marine debris entanglements high on researchers’ agenda

Posted on 11/01/2016 by Phillip Island Nature Parks

Since 1997 researchers have observed 359 Australian fur seals entangled in marine debris at Seal Rocks, but this is just the tip of the iceberg, according to Nature Parks’ researcher Dr Rebecca McIntosh in her paper recently published in Marine Pollution Bulletin.

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Generous grant for grass-roots education program

Posted on 10/12/2015 by Phillip Island Nature Parks

The protection of Phillip Island’s natural habitat and its unique flora and fauna will be the focus of the 2016 ‘Wild Island Discoveries’ free holiday activities program, thanks to a generous donation from the Wilson HTM Foundation.

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Little ravens learn to target penguin eggs

Posted on 07/12/2015 by Phillip Island Nature Parks

Little ravens have been shown to specifically target penguin eggs in a behaviour which appears to be only recently learned, according to a study undertaken by researchers from Deakin University and Phillip Island Nature Parks and published in Austral Ecology and Wildlife Research.

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Serrated tussock detected on Phillip Island

Posted on 03/12/2015 by Phillip Island Nature Parks

The recent discovery of serrated tussock (Nassella trichotoma) on Phillip Island prompted swift action by the Victorian Serrated Tussock Working Party (VSTWP) and Phillip Island Nature Parks. Members of the VSTWP were quickly involved in providing training to Environment Rangers from the Nature Parks in serrated tussock identification and best practice management.

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Students clean up to save marine wildlife

Posted on 17/11/2015 by Phillip Island Nature Parks

Students from Cowes Primary School, rangers from Phillip Island Nature Parks and the team from Wildlife Coast Cruises joined over 2,000 students and community members right across the state to take part in the annual Seal the Loop Action Day on Friday, November 13.

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Weigh better for penguins

Posted on 05/11/2015 by Phillip Island Nature Parks

The human obsession with weight watching also transcends to the penguin world. When penguins cross the beach at Phillip Island every night, they are closely monitored by a weighbridge system. But for penguins, being heavy is better – it is a sign of good health.

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