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Puppy power in fight against Phillip Island feral cats

Marbee the border terrier pup might look cute, but this little dog is the secret weapon in the fight to protect wildlife against feral cats on Phillip Island.

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Know Your Nature Parks

It’s another busy period on Millowl (Phillip Island) - the breeding season is over and it’s time for many of our species to prepare for migration.

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Nature Notes

Find answers to all your penguin related questions and learn about the other wildlife species that call Phillip Island home.

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The Short-tailed Shearwater Great Migration

The Short-tailed Shearwater Great Migration is here, and it’s a vital time of year for the species. Here’s how you can help them survive.

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From extinct to endangered: The incredible story of the Eastern Barred Bandicoot

Through the hard work of some dedicated conservation teams, the mainland Eastern Barred Bandicoot is back from the brink of extinction.

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