Our research offers attractive projects to high degree students and post doc fellows. Since 1980, the research department has produced supervised over 60 Honours, masters and PhD students. Students bring valuable knowledge that underpins advice and input into management and conservation of the Phillip Island ecosystems

Theses:  2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009



Dr Airam Rodrigues. Effect of artificial lights on Little Penguins and shearwaters. (Postdoc., Marie Curie Fellowship, Estacion Biologica de Doñana, Spain)


Catherine Cavallo. Monitoring ecosystem change using the foraging and breeding ecology of a marine top predator (Monash Uni.) (André Chiaradia, Richard Reina, Bruce Deagle, Graeme Hays & Simon Jarman)

Kasun Ekanayake. The potential of Little Raven (Corvus mellori) as predators of bird eggs. (Deakin Uni.) (Duncan Sutherland, Peter Dann & Mike Weston)

Annett Finger. Trace metals in Little Penguin Eudyptula minor populations along the Victorian coastline of Australia. (Victoria Uni., St Albans) (Peter Dann & Carol Scarpaci).

Manuela Fischer. Swamp wallabies in a modified landscape: ecology and interactions with humans" (Uni of Melbourne) (Duncan Sutherland, Julian Di Stefano & Graeme Coulson)

Nicole Kowalczyk. Trophic interactions of little penguins at St Kilda: predator-prey relationships in a limited foraging zone and a specialised diet. (Monash Uni.) (André Chiaradia & Richard Reina)

Kasup Munaweera. Development of improved pre-conditioning agents for the removal of oil contamination from wildlife and rocky foreshores. (Victoria Uni.) (Peter Dann & John Orbell)

Marcus Salton. The influence of oceanographic profiles on foraging behaviour of fur seals. (Macquarie Uni.) (Roger Kirkwood & Rob Harcourt, David Slip)

Sonia Sanchez. Reconstruction of the habitat use of an iconic marine top-predator: a tool to manage and conserve ecosystems (Monash Uni.) (André Chiaradia, Richard Reina, Yan Ropert-Coudert, Akiko Kato,Graeme Hays & Marta Coll)

Natalie Sheppard. Foraging ecology and spatial dynamica of the hooded plover on Phillip Island. (Deakin Uni.) (Peter Dann & Mike Weston)

Jakub Stoklosa. Estimation of estimation of population size and demographic parameters on various capture-recapture datasets. (Uni. of Melbourne) (Peter Dann & Richard Huggins)


Kim Kliska. Diet of the Australian fur seal diet (Macquarie University) (Bec McIntosh & Rob Hardcourt)


Danielle Hedger. Environmental drivers of the "false" breeding of Little penguins (B.Sc. Hons., Monash University) (André Chiaradia & Richard Reina)

Meagan Tucker. Environmental variation and reproductive ecology of little penguins (Eudyptula minor) in an urbanised colony (B.Sc. Hons., Monash University) (André Chiaradia & Richard Reina)


Kelly Edwards. Effect of age on the foraging behaviour of Little penguins. (MSc, University of Southhampton, UK) (André Chiaradia, John Williams & Claire Saraux)

Kevin Leal. Decadal-year changes in diving and diet of Little penguins (MSC, Université de Strasbourg, France) (André Chiaradia, Yan Ropert-Coudert & Akiko Kato)

Eden Ludekens. Spatial and seasonal ecology of raptors on Phillip Island" (Honours, Deakin Uni. ) (Duncan Sutherland, Raylene Cooke & John White)

Matt Simpson. Changes in foraging behaviour under increased breeding success (B.Sc. Hons., Monash University) (André Chiaradia & Richard Reina)

Vicki Webb. They Came, They Saw, They Flattened: Factors Underlying Roadkill on an Eco-tourism Island" (Honours, Deakin Uni. ) (Duncan Sutherland, John White, Anthony Rendall & Raylene Cooke)


Laure Pelletier. The thermal structure of the water column in the foraging zone of little penguins: influence of stratified waters on hunting efficiency and breeding success at Phillip Island. (PhD, Universite de Strasbourg, France) (André Chiaradia & Yan Ropert-Coudert)

Dr Ilka Zimmer. Effect of age and experience on the diving behaviour of Little Penguins. (Postdoc, Institut Pluridisciplinaire Hubert Curien, Strasbourg, France) (André Chiaradia and Yan Ropert-Coudert)

Jennyffer Cruz. Effect of predation and resource availability on western brushtail possums. (PhD, Uni. of Queensland) (Duncan Sutherland, Luke Leung, Paul de Tores & Nicky Marlow)

Megan Dewar. Gastrointestinal microflora of seabirds: phylogenetic and dietary relationships. (PhD, Deakin Uni.) (Peter Dann, John Arnould & Stuart Smith)

Mary Cowling. Responses of New Zealand fur seals to boat approaches. (MSc, Victoria Uni.) (Roger Kirkwood & Carol Scarpaci)

Françoise Amélineau. Longitudinal diving performance and changes in trophic niche width on little penguins. (MSc, Uni. de Strasbourg) (Andre Chiaradia, Yan Ropert-Coudert & Akiko Kato)

Lauren Angel. The foraging ecology of little penguins in relation to the Bonney Upwelling in western Bass Strait. (Hons, Deakin Uni.) (Peter Dann & John Arnould)

Adam Cardilini. Parental care and breeding ecology in the Masked Lapwing. (Hons, Deakin Uni.) (Peter Dann, Mike Weston & Craig Sherman)

Daniel Lees. Responses to human approaches in the Masked Lapwing Vanellus miles. (Hons, Deakin Uni.) (Peter Dann & Mike Weston)

Lachlan McLean. Impacts of sea level change on Australian fur seals. (Hons, Deakin Uni.) (Roger Kirkwood & John Arnould)

Darren Steirt (2013).The impact of conditions experienced during early development on recruitment in a long-lived seabird, the Little penguin. (Hons, Monash Uni) (André Chiaradia & Richard Reina)


Michael Lynch. Disease surveillence and epidemiology of Australian fur seals. (PhD, Deakin Uni.) (Roger Kirkwood & John Arnould)

Claire Saraux. Modelling foraging of 3 penguin species in relation to climate change. (PhD, Uni. de Strasbourg) (André Chiaradia & Yvon LeMaho)

Krista Brovedani. Extra-pair paternity in the socially monogamous little penguin Eudyptula minor. (MSc,Uni. of Melbourne) (Peter Dann & Raoul Mulder)

Claire Duquesnoy. Does the temperature inside artificial nest boxes affect the breeding success of Little Penguins? (MSc, Université de Strasbourg, France) (André Chiaradia & Yan Ropert Coudert)

Billie Ganendran. Climatic factors and Little Penguin survival in Bass Strait. (MPhil, Australian Defence force Academy at University of New South Wales, Canberra)

Anthony Rendall. Ecology of rodents in seabird colonies. (Hons, Deakin Uni.) (Duncan Sutherland & John White)

Hugh Davies (2012). Working unsociable hours: the effect of fine time scale colony attendance on the reproductive success of little penguins. (Hons, Monash Uni.) (André Chiaradia & Richard Reina)


Tiana Preston. Foraging ecology of Little Penguins at St Kilda. (PhD, Monash Uni.) (André Chiaradia & Richard Reina)

Victoria Dixon. Diving behaviour of juvenile Australian fur seals. (Hons, Deakin Uni.) (Roger Kirkwood & John Arnould)

Sandi Laaksonen. Defensive tactics crossing the littoral zone: tidal and luminance effects on the little penguin. (Hons, Monash Uni.) (André Chiaradia & Richard Reina)

Abbie Mason. The response of little penguins in Australia and New Zealand to geographic variation in male calls: do the different subgroups of little penguins recognise each other? (Hons, Waikato Uni, NZ) (Peter Dann & Jo Waas)


Jody Kemp. Population dynamics of red cod Pseudophycis bachus. (PhD, Uni. of Melbourne) (Greg Jenkins & Steve Swearer)

Julia Back. Responses of Australian Fur Seals to boat activitiy. (MSc, Deakin Uni.) (Roger Kirkwood & John Arnould)

Nora Loudiyi. Distribution and overlap between sympatric seabirds, Little Penguins and Short-tailed shearwaters. (MSc, Uni. de Strasbourg) (André Chiaradia & Duncan Sutherland)

Laure Pelletier. Examining the thermal structure of the coastal waters using Little penguins (MSc, Universite Strasbourg) (André Chiaradia, Akiko Kato & Yan Ropert Coudert).

Jessica Evans. Effects of breeding cycle on immune function in Little Penguins. (Hons, Latrobe Uni.) (Peter Dann & Theresa Frankel)

Linda Garlepp. Climatic correlates of haul-out behaviour in Australian fur sealsArctocephalus pusillus doriferus. (Hons, Monash Uni.) (Roger Kirkwood & Murray Logan)

Tamara Leitch. The diet of breeding Pacific Gulls. (Hons, Deakin Uni.) (Peter Dann & John Arnould)

Rebecca Pitt. Diet segregation and food assimilation by Little Penguins. (Hons, Monash Uni.) (André Chiaradia & Richard Reina)

Ashton Marsh. Effects of nest temperature and humidity on breeding success in Little Penguins. (Hons, Deakin Uni.) (Peter Dann & John Arnould)


Karen Marsh. Detoxification of plant secondary metabilites on feeding koalas and possums. (PhD, ANU)

Amanda Peucker. Genetic variation in Little Penguins in southern Australia. (PhD, Deakin Uni.) (Peter Dann, Chris Burridge & Gerry Quinn)

Tracy Shaw. Sexual differences in the diets of Little Penguins over 25 years. (MSc, Uni. of Pretoria) (Peter Dann, André Chiaradia & Marthan Bester)

Clare McCutchen. Winter foraging by Little Penguins from Phillip Island. (Hons, Deakin Uni.) (Peter Dann & John Arnould)

Rohan Long. Little Penguins foraging trip durations. (Hons, Monash Uni.) (André Chiaradia & Richard Reina)

Victoria Hemming. Management of the Little Penguins on Gabo Island. (Hons, Uni. of Melbourne) (Peter Dann & Terre Walsh)