Research Manager

Peter has worked as a wildlife ecologist for 30 years and has published extensively on seabirds and shorebirds in Australasia.  He is a research fellow of the Department of Zoology at the University of Melbourne, the Scott Polar Institute at Cambridge University and the past chairman of the Australasian Seabird Group, one of the editors of the journal ‘Marine Ornithology’ and a director of the Penguin Foundation.


       Phone: + 61 (3) 59512839

       Mail:     Phillip Island Nature Parks, PO Box 97, Cowes Vic. 3922, Australia

 Professional Area

Avian ecology and behaviour, particularly seabirds

Current projects

  • Population regulation of little penguins
  • Long-term demography of penguins
  • Climate change and penguins
  • Satellite tracking of penguins
  • Oil pollution and seabirds
  • Conservation biology of hooded plovers
  • Long-term monitoring of shorebirds in Victoria
  • Management of coastal birds


2000 - Ph.D. (Zoology), University of Melbourne.
1975 - Honours (Zoology), University of Melbourne.

Current students

Kasup Munaweera. Development of improved pre-conditioning agents for the removal of oil contamination from wildlife and rocky foreshores. (Ph.D., Victoria University, Werribee with Professor John Orbell).

Jakub Stoklosa. Modern methods of estimation of population size and demographic parameters on various capture-recapture datasets. (Ph.D., University of Melbourne, Parkville with Professor Richard Huggins).

Annett Finger. Trace metals in Little Penguin Eudyptula minor populations along the Victorian coastline of Australia. (Ph.D., Victoria University, St Albans with Carol Scarpaci). 

Natalie Sheppard. Foraging ecology and spatial dynamics of the Hooded Plover on Phillip Island: an obligate, beach-dwelling shorebird. (Ph.D., Deakin University, Burwood with Mike Weston).

Billie Ganendran. Climatic factors and Little Penguin survival in Bass Strait. (MPhil, Australian Defence force Academy at University of New South Wales, Canberra)

Publications last 5 years (Full list in Google scholar)


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