Little penguins crossing the beach

Little penguins crossing the Summerland beach

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To enhance your excursion at the Nature Parks and to support a range of Victorian Curriculum outcomes, download our learning resources.


VCE Year Level

Balancing Tourism & the Environment (PowerPoint)

This resource supports teachers and students to complete their Unit 2 Tourism investigation during an excursion to the Penguin Parade. 

  • How has tourism changed over the last 100 years at the Penguin Parade?
  • What does tourism look like on Phillip Island today and what are the characteristics of key market segments?
  • How does Phillip Island Nature Parks generate revenue, create and manage ecotourism experiences to fund world leading conservation, research and education?
  • How important is tourism and Little Penguins to the local and state economy?

Primary Year Levels

These downloadable activities include fun prompts, tips, tricks and challenges for primary year (3-6) level students. Each resource has pre-excursion, during and post-excursion activities for your students and practical information for teachers to make the most out of an excursion to Nature Parks.

Penguin Parade Resource - Download Now 

Koala Conservation Reserve Resource - Download Now 

Churchill Island Heritage Farm Resource - Download Now 

Antarctic Journey Resource - Download Now 


All Year Levels

Gain the latest information from our Conservation and Research Teams, discover the biology, features and behaviours of key native species which call Phillip Island (Millowl) home using our Nature Notes.

Visit the Nature Parks YouTube Channel for conservation videos and ranger interviews: YouTube Channel

A Rangers Guide to the Rocky Shores of Phillip Island  - If you have always wondered about life and the amazing community ecology of our rocky shoreline, download this illustrated guide.

Task students to explore characteristics and features of native species using 3D models at the Nature Parks Sketch Fab resource: An example of a Little Penguin below:

Little Penguin Burrow Camera. Ever wondered what goes on inside a Little Penguin burrow? Click here to view remarkable footage from inside a penguin nest. 

Discover the seasonal life of Little Penguins with our Penguin Arrival Calendar This handy reference is useful to prepare your students with the context for their visit no matter which season you are visiting.

A list of local contacts including accomodation and other things to do during a school excursion on Phillip Island (Millowl).

Feedback (5 minute survey for teachers)

We value your thoughts as we strive to improve school excursions at the Nature Parks:

Students self-guided visit to the Penguin Parade Visitor Centre

Students exploring the Penguin Parade Visitor Centre before the walk through habitat to the beach to view Little penguins.