Seal Spotter - Citizen Science Project

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Join our rangers, researchers and global community as we work together to identify population status and entanglments through the SealSpotter portal.


Seal Secrets


What makes a seal swim? This easy to use resource prompts students to explore the world of our Australian fur seals through a variety of media. Students explore how seals' features make them particularly suited to their environment and how human activities are impacting their ability to survive. 

Download Seal Secrets Resource (recommended for years 3 - 6)

  PowerPoint  Interactive PDF


Design for Nature 

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Climate change is predicted to make Phillip Island hotter and drier, so Nature Parks in collaboration with La Trobe University, is testing 50 artificial burrows, in five different designs, to better protect penguins during extreme hot weather. How would you design a penguin burrow to protect our little feathered friends? Explore the challenges little penguins face in a changing climate, the concepts of passive design, and create a little penguin burrow that can extend the deadline on saving this iconic animal.

This resource is available to download as  PowerPoint or interactive PDF.