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Thank you for your valuable contribution to Phillip Island Nature Parks. We recognise that our volunteers play a key role in helping us achieve our purpose - to protect nature for wildlife and inspire others to act. Please access the below resources to help you on your volunteering journey!

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FAQ for Current Volunteers

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How do I get a uniform?

Uniforms are available to Volunteers in visitor facing roles, including the Curlew Custodians, Koala Conservation Reserve Volunteers, Penguin Parade Volunteers, Nobbies Volunteers, and Churchill Island Volunteers. Volunteers can request a uniform after three months of consistent volunteering. To request a uniform please email Each Volunteer is issued with one button down shirt, and one black fleece jacket. Maintenance Volunteers at Churchill Island have the option to request overalls, and Visitor Experience Volunteers at Churchill Island have the option to wear historical costume.

All Volunteers are issued with a temporary name badge at the start of their volunteering, and at the three month mark can request a personalised name badge showing their preferred first name. Volunteers at the Penguin Parade, Koala Conservation Centre, and the Nobbies may be issued with a swipe card to access office areas, and Volunteers in the Turn the Tide program may be issued with a backpack and beach cleaning supplies.

Volunteers who do not have a uniform will have access to a blue 'volunteering' vest to wear while on site.

Where can I learn more?

We have lots of resources for volunteers looking to expand their knowledge! Just log into My Impact and look under 'My Profile'. Resources such as our Master Modules and online Training can be found under the 'Training ' Tab. Documents including Nature Notes and roles specific information can be found under 'Files'. If you're chasing specific information please reach out to your team's volunteer liaison or the volunteer coordinator at

How do I access my 4 parks passes?

At the start of each financial year, volunteers who contributed 40+ hours to the Nature Parks are issued 2 x four parks passes to use with friends and family. These will be emailed to you with instructions on how to redeem them. If you lose these vouchers or if you need assistance with redeeming them please reach out to Volunteers who do not have these passes can still redeem a 25% discount on tickets purchased by showing their volunteer name badge.

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How do I get involved in a different role?

To be involved in a different role at the Nature Parks, keep an eye on the Volunteer Newsletters and on the opportunities listed in My Impact. If you're keen to be involved in a role that hasn't been advertised, or if you have a particular skill set you would like to offer please reach out to

I have a problem while volunteering, what do I do?

Reach out for help! Our Volunteer Coordinator and liaisons are here to make sure your volunteering journey runs smoothly. You can also consult our Volunteer Issue Resolution Chart to help you decide to talk to. If you need help outside of the organisation, remember Volunteers also have access to our employee assistance provider Converge International, which can be reached at any time on 1300 687 327. This program offers:

  • Free short term counselling
  • Assistant with work, volunteering, and personal issues
  • Referral for further assistance if needed
  • Crisis counselling available 24/7
  • Totally confidential and independent