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Posted on 12/12/2022 by Phillip Island Nature Parks

Community warned to avoid coastal cliffs this summer

Phillip Island Nature Parks has issued a timely warning for residents and visitors about the risk of rockfalls from fragile cliffs along the island’s southern beaches this summer.
The alert comes after a geotechnical assessment earlier this year raised concerns about the potential for landslides and rockfalls along the southern coast of Phillip Island, particularly at the Colonnades and Surf Beach.
Recent heavy rainfalls have added to the fragility of these cliffs. Phillip Island Nature Parks Ranger in Charge Ben Thomas warned that cliffs along the island’s southern coastline were made from soft rock, prone to collapse.
“While there is no immediate risk to visitor safety or infrastructure, the cliff edges are made of soft rock which can give way without warning and pose a danger to beachgoers,” Mr. Thomas said.
“Signage has been installed at the areas of most concern so visitors are alerted to the risks, but we urge the community to remain vigilant and take adequate steps to avoid the likelihood of an accident.”
Hard barriers are not an option at many of these sites, due to the soft rock, sandy beaches and high tides.
Mr Thomas said it was important that people using the beaches avoided being in close proximity to cliff edges, did not stand or sit under coastal cliffs and refrained from being stationary within 10m from the base of coastal cliffs on the Island.