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Posted on 30/09/2022 by Phillip Island Nature Parks

Nature Parks Board Update – August 2022

The Phillip Island Nature Parks’ Board met on 25 August. Below are some highlights from the meeting:



The Board noted that visitation to the Nature Parks sites increased from 2020/21 to 2021/22, although less than was anticipated due to ongoing disruptions to travel. Visitation was also strong this July and early August.



The Board welcomed the updated news from July, when the Conservation team successfully removed a fox from the island. The DNA samples collected have been matched to the genotype of the fox captured. There is no further evidence of a live fox on Phillip Island. Whilst this is reassuring, our Conservation team remains vigilant and will continue to closely monitor the situation.



This month the Board reviewed and endorsed the controls and treatments of two strategic risks associated with revenue earned from Nature Parks paid attractions and continued financial sustainability and stability.



The Board considered the Annual Report for year ending 30 June 2022 for submission to the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning. Once finalised it will be tabled in State Parliament.



The Board were pleased to approve the Financial Management and Accounting as endorsed by the Audit, Risk and Finance Subcommittee on 18 August 2021. The Board also noted the status update on the governing document structure initiative, and correlation with the Board / Board Subcommittee Schedule of work.



The Board received an update on the Penguin Parade Boardwalks and Viewing Stands detailed design following consultation with key stakeholders and the Project Governance Group which has been established to oversee the project. It was happy to endorse the detailed design to progress to the next steps of the tender and construction phase.



The Board noted the focus in July and August was the transition of catering services to Create Catering, who will deliver all food and beverage services across Nature Parks’ sites, effective from 1 August 2022. We are excited to see the new ideas for food and event delivery come to life over the coming months.



The Board considered the acquittal against the 2021/22 business plan and noted a number of significant achievements, which are a testament to the dedication and resilience of the Nature Parks team. It also noted the progress report against initiatives in the Annual Business Plan and Budget 2022-23. 


Kevin Love


Phillip Island Nature Parks


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Phillip Island Nature Parks is a self-funded organisation that relies on its ecotourism activities to deliver ongoing funding for vital conservation, research, and education programs. The Nature Parks is governed by a Board of Management established under the Crown Land (Reserves) Act 1978. Board members are appointed by the Responsible Minister under the Act and the Board meets regularly to provide governance and strategic direction.