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Eastern barred bandicoot celebrates wild anniversary

Posted on 20/10/2022 by Phillip Island Nature Parks

The endangered Eastern Barred Bandicoot is thriving on Phillip Island, five years after they were introduced to the island safe haven and saved from extinction in the wild. Since their release on Summerland Peninsula in 2017, the species has spread across the island with sightings as far as Wimbledon Heights, Pyramid Rock and Ventnor.

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Short-tailed shearwaters return to improved habitat

Posted on 07/10/2022 by Phillip Island Nature Parks

Short-tailed shearwaters have begun arriving at Phillip Island. Their arrival this year comes as Phillip Island Nature Parks has completed significant habitat revegetation works at Cape Woolamai, which is home to around 540,000 burrows.

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Nature Parks Board Update – August 2022

Posted on 30/09/2022 by Phillip Island Nature Parks

The Phillip Island Nature Parks’ Board met on 25 August. Read on for highlights from the meeting.

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Know Your Nature Parks – Spring at the Nature Parks

Posted on 29/09/2022 by Phillip Island Nature Parks

Spring is an exciting time in nature with wildlife in breeding mode and migratory birds reaching our shores. Read on to find out about what is going on behind the scenes at Phillip Island Nature Parks, including our very first update on the Eastern barred bandicoot.

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Puppies training to keep Phillip Island fox-free

Posted on 28/09/2022 by Phillip Island Nature Parks

A new generation of detection dogs have started their training on Phillip Island to ensure the island remains fox-free.

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