Phillip Island Nature Parks operates under a set of regulations that guide how we:

  • Ensure the care, protection, and management of flora and fauna.
  • Preserve good order and decency.
  • Specify activities, issues permits, and set fees.
  • Provide improvements and services
  • Ensure the safety of everyone within our parks.

These regulations are updated every 10 years and the 2021 regulations are now in effect. These regulations have been modernised and are more comprehensive than the 2010 regulations. They are also supported by ‘set asides’ which are additional directives tailored to the unique conditions of the Nature Parks.

As Crown Land managers, we legally need to enforce these regulations and we thank the community and visitors for assisting us in protecting the people, wildlife, and environment of the Nature Parks. We can’t do it without you

Download or view regulations  Download or view Set Asides