Safety - it's in our nature
Our goal at Phillip Island Nature Parks is to use a proactive approach to risk & injury management, with the aim of becoming incident-free. Part of our commitment is to conduct inductions for all staff, contractors & volunteers in relation to health & safety.

Registration of Contracting Organisations
If you own or administer a business that has been engaged to perform works on behalf of the Phillip Island Nature Parks, you must register your organisation with us and direct ALL of your employees and subcontractors who will be undertaking work on your behalf at the Nature Parks to complete their individual safety inductions.

Work cannot be carried out until the organisation registration (only one registration required for each organisation) is completed and approved by the Nature Parks, and your employees and subcontractors have completed our safety induction and are issued with a valid induction certificate.

There is no cost to complete the induction and there is no limit on how many of your employees or your subcontractors may be inducted.

Register your organisation

Please note: you can not use the same email address twice. If you use an email address to register your organisation, you must use another email address when completing the safety induction.

Contractors Working For The Nature Parks
The Phillip Island Nature Park requires all contractors, subcontractors, labour-hire companies, and their employees who are performing work for, or on behalf of the Nature Parks, to complete our online safety induction.

Please ensure your contracting organisation has completed the above step (organisation registration) before attempting to complete the safety induction.

Individual Contractor Safety Inductions
Once your organisation is registered and approved, you and your employees will need to complete your individual safety inductions. Please note that sole traders/suppliers who have already registered their organisation must also complete the individual safety induction.

Note: every person completing our safety induction must have their own unique email address.

Complete your safety induction

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