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Penguin Foundation

The Penguin Foundation

The Penguin Foundation raises funds to protect and enhance Phillip Island's natural environment through research, conservation and education programs. Phillip Island supports significant native vegetation communities and wildlife populations, as well as international migratory bird species, within its woodland, wetland and coastal environments. This remarkable biodiversity and quality of ecosystems means Phillip Island is one of Victoria’s truly special places and we are dedicated to funding the conservation of its important natural values for both current and future generations. 

Donors can kindly contribute this work through our Giving Programs, including Adopt a Penguin. Support is also provided through grants, sponsorships, partnerships and in-kind support. 

Since its establishment in 2005 the Penguin Foundation has raised over AU $1.8 million. 

The Penguin Foundation holds a Deductible Gift Recipient status and all contributions are fully tax deductible. 

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