We're committed to offering an accessible experience throughout the Penguin Parade and have a range of disabled friendly facilities.


The Penguin Parade offers family friendly access, including:
- wide pathways for prams
- pram parking at the penguin viewing stands, including Penguins Plus
- baby change room including microwave.

Disability access
- Disabled parking
- Disabled ramp access through visitor centre and along boardwalks
- complimentary buggy if transport to beach required
- complimentary wheelchair
- disabled access viewing areas
- Disabled toilets in visitor centre
- Interpretive displays at wheelchair eye height
Further details in below slideshow.

Assistance animals
Phillip Island Nature Parks welcomes visitors who use assistance animals certified by a registered authority. Assistance animals must remain on designated paths and restrained by a harness or leash. 

Companion and Carer cards

companion card

Visitors with a Companion Card are entitled to free entry to all Phillip Island Nature Parks attractions. Equivalent overseas cards are also valid.

carer card

Visitors with a Victorian Carers Card receive a 10% discount at all Phillip Island Nature Parks attractions.